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Website Design & Development

Could you figure out what you do after 5 seconds of viewing your site?

We specialize in crafting unique websites with robust and user friendly features. Pixolia Studios can provide you the best online solutions with our vast website design & consultancy expertise.

Statistics have shown that a website has about five seconds to capture someone's attention when they visit your web site. Good website design will convince users to stay, and make your business look more professional, meaning your potential customers will not leave your site looking for another vendor.

Website Development Strategy

Pixolia Studios has a proven website development strategy of building websites that is built on a few standard principles:


Pixolia Studios wants to make your website easier to use for your customers and clients. A website could have all of the possible information on any given subject, but if your customer/client can not figure out how to access, use, or find it, it really is not doing anything of value on your site. After listening, studying, and researching experts stances and studies of website usability, Pixolia Studios strives to make your valuable information easier to access by tried and true methods.


Pixolia Studios' process of website design and development begins by reviewing current information if possible and evaluating where the positives and negatives lie. In the design process we will put emphasis on important aspects of your business, so that customers can see what your company is about. A 4 stage process is used to take your website to the next level.

Why Pixolia Studios Website Design?

There are a lot of website design companies out there that will try to gain your interest by offering you a website for $100 or less. Most of the time, these "cheap" prices are the result of the design you are purchasing, is also being purchased by several other customers. They are either selling you a templated design, or something very generic. In most cases you will find that the only issue that these sites are designed to solve is to give you a site, and unfortunately not to address any of your unique content or issues that only apply to you, or your business. At Pixolia Studios we design our websites custom for every client. In order to meet the specific unique needs of our customers, we approach every site we undertake as a completely new project. We never use templates for our customers. Everything we show our customers is new, and created specifically for them, and their specific needs.

These companies that offer "Cheap" websites often don't care about the end results, and overall success of their customers website project. Once you purchase the site from them, that might be the last time you communicate with them. From that point how will you organize your search engine optimization strategy? How will you update, and maintain your site? You don't know how the code, that keeps the site together, is structured, you don't know if they followed web standards. Most importantly what you will know, is that your new website was not built with you in mind. So it may not do everything for you and your company that you wanted it to. Why would a customer buy something that wasn't built for their needs?

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Do you need help with maintenance?

Your website is a reflection of your business. If it's not up to date you could easily fall behind your competition. Pixolia Studios offers our vast knowledge, skill, and experience to you and your business for a reasonable monthly fee.

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Website Hosting

Let Pixolia Studios Host Your Site

Host your website with the company that works on your website. Pixolia Studios offers a website hosting plan that will hopefully entice you to trust all of your website needs to Pixolia Studios.

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Why Pixolia Studios?

Pixolia Studios consists of the top web designers, developers and marketing team from the greater Wisconsin area. We have over 15+ years of dedicated expertise and experience to offer all of our clients. We take pride in offering high quality professional services at only a fraction of the cost.

"Pixolia Studios exceeded my expectations with designing and developing my website! They were extremely knowledgeable, insightful, and a pleasure to work with. Pixolia was attentive to my needs, detailed, and very resourceful. They readily responded to questions and were very easy to work with. Not only did Pixolia design an exceptional website, but they also provided me with outstanding service. I would recommend Pixolia Studios as a professional developer in a heartbeat."
-Paul Harrell

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About Pixolia Studios

Pixolia Studios is a web development & design company run by enthusiastic industry veterans who offer a variety of services, done at a high quality and professional level. Services offered by Pixolia Studios include; website development, e-commerce integrations, web design & strategy, brand planning and development, order management setup and integration, search engine optimization or search marketing, Design to HTML services, custom API integrations PHP/ASP/VBA/VB NET/JQuery/AJAX/SQL, Custom logo design, HTML email design, website hosting, as well as everyday maintenance and pay by the project coding.

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