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Been There, Tried That

Did you know...?

...did you know that if you ship a package that's under a pound you can ship it via first class mail and save money versus priority mail? Did you know that UPS and FedEx are more costly for smaller packages and it's best to use USPS and vice versa once your weight hits 8lbs? Or did you know that you can build a steady growing following for your business or product with only spending a few dollars a week on marketing?

I've done a LOT of leg work learning the ins and outs of growing a business, scaling a product and expanding revenue streams in numerous ways that most don't realize even exist. Why take the time and try to Google all of this information on every set topic when you can get a direct hand on the pulse from a reputible source?

Why would I share this knowledge?

Because I've been there. I wish I had even the slightest direction on ways to better my business or simply grow it online at a more expotential rate without spending tons of money in the process. I know how it feels to plateau, not sure what works and most of all the uncertainty of how to do it when on a tight budget.

I love to hear the stories of how my methods have helped others and want to offer the same opportunity to you.

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Pixolia Studios is a web development & design company run by enthusiastic industry veterans who offer a variety of services, done at a high quality and professional level. Services offered by Pixolia Studios include; website development, e-commerce integrations, web design & strategy, brand planning and development, order management setup and integration, search engine optimization or search marketing, Design to HTML services, custom API integrations PHP/ASP/VBA/VB NET/JQuery/AJAX/SQL, Custom logo design, HTML email design, website hosting, as well as everyday maintenance and pay by the project coding.

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